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“For years I toyed with the idea of having a motorhome carry within it a small car. Many motor bodybuilders and handymen have made this work as far back as the 1950’s. About 10 years ago I made a start to construct such a motorhome. The chassis was all but completed when I made my first visit to the ‘Caravan Salon Expo’ in Germany to see the same popular motorhome concept there. I returned to the drawing board with newfound enthusiasm, determined to use the technology I had seen in Europe.”

Many visits to Germany later I realised the folly of trying to manufacture in Australia to the quality standards I was seeing from the German motorhome manufacturer ‘Concorde GmbH’.

Concorde Motorhomes & Caravans is No.1 for luxury motorhomes in Europe where in excess of 20 manufacturers compete. In 2009 Concorde GmbH and I embarked on cooperative production of right hand drive and mirrored floor plan motorhomes for Australia and New Zealand.

The first of these homologated and approved for import to Australia is a Concorde Liner Plus 1060G Max. It has the capacity to load within it a Fiat 500 (4 seat) car and is now, as of April 2014, registered and travelling Australia.

Further models have now been registered for Australian compliance opening bigger possibilities for Australian and New Zealand RV enthusiasts to own a Concorde. Please enjoy your visit to our website and express your interest if you wish in our contact area. We expect to import 5 or 6 Concorde Liner Plus models in 2014.

“I’m certain you’ll be impressed.”

Allan Stocker

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